Dreamer Grey 10'6 ISUP

Dreamer Grey 10'6 ISUP

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With 30 iconic designs to choose from, the Maddle is probably the best looking thing on water. Except for you, of course.

It's 'all around' shape and super light and rigid MSL fusion construction will ensure you get the best ride quality, whatever the body of water.

Comes equipped with anti-slip grip for a safe ride, a set of D-rings for multi-purpose attachments, and elastic strings to secure your gear. Plus, the top, middle and bottom handles make it easy to transport, whether you’re crossing a sandy beach or slippery rocks.

  • Length: 10'6’’
  • Width: 32’’
  • Thickness: 6’’
  • Weight: 13 lbs
  • Capacity: 350 lbs
  • Maximum PSI: 20 psi

Every Maddle board comes with a paddle, leash, pump, and backpack for easy transport. All Maddle boards come with a 2 year warranty.