How long will my paddleboard order take to ship?
Currently our paddleboards ship across Canada within a few days.

British Columbia 3-4 days
Alberta 2-3 days
Saskatchewan 2-3 days
Ontario 3-4 days
Quebec 3-4 days
Maritimes 4-5 days
How long will my order order take to ship?
Longboards and accessories ship across Canada within 7-14 days. 
Do you ship to the US?
Yes! Shipping times and rates will vary by state and carrier availability. 
Can I return my order? 
Check out our Return and Warranty page for more information.
I do not think my pump gauge is working?
I have pumped up my board with the dual stage plug in and it feels firm but the gauge is not registering. Unfortunately, you are not done yet. You will need to remove the plug and switch the pump to single stage to fill the board the rest of the way.

Local Pick Up and Delivery
Pick up is available at
Portage Ave Location
2059 Portage Ave
Winnipeg, MB R3J 0K9